Senior Wellness Package


Senior Wellness Package

Your Pet's Getting a Bit Older...Now What?

Your dog or cat is over 5 years old & you love them so you want to make sure they’re healthy & safe. What do they need now? What common age-related issues should we be looking out for? Which vaccines do they need? Which tests should be run right now? How do we make sure they stay happy, healthy, and full of energy?

Our Senior Wellness Package takes all the questions out of it. We've grouped together everything needed & made sure it's the best price possible for the amount of care & preventative medical attention they'll be receiving. This package includes a comprehensive exam, blood testing, standard vaccines, fecal testing, & more.

We even have a few optional package upgrades available at a discount. 

Looking for Something More?

Look into our Concierge Membership!

You'll still need your Senior Wellness Package to cover your friend's age specific needs, but after that, you'll want a high level of ongoing, preventative care.

We also include plenty of convenience related value. Do yourself a favor and learn more below:

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