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Why you should become a Member:

If you're anything like us, you want the best for your fur baby yet time is precious & you value options that help you spend more of it doing what you love.

Because of these facts, we're now offering a very exclusive Concierge Membership to a limited number of clients.

Not only will your membership allow for access to the most comprehensive tailored plan for your pet’s preventative care, but it also includes access to ultra convenient services like complimentary Pick-Up/Drop-Off for all appointments, expedited VIP (Very Important Pet) intake, in-home medicine administration, in-home pet sitting, Spa Days, & more.

View the list below for specific details on this exclusive opportunity.

A Salon & Spa for Puppers?!

Yep! You read that right!

As of 2019, we offer 90-Minute Spa Days, complete Cut & Styling by our Certified Master Groomer, Pick up & Drop Off Service, as well as Ala Carte Services.

View our Salon & spa menu here

Medical Benefits


House Call Visits with The Doctor

Your schedule might be tight, you might have multiple furry family members, or you might have a pet that just needs to be seen at home due to either behavior or illness. For our Concierge Members, we waive your House Call Fees per year, meaning that you'll only pay your standard exam fee just as you would in our hospital.

No matter the reason, let us come to you. For a house call, our Veterinarian & 1-2 Medical Support Staff will come out to you for your exam. House Calls that are further than 10 miles from the practice may incur an additional travel fee. With each House Call Fee being valued at $175, this alone is a value of up to $1,050 each year.

12 Months of Flea/Tick Preventative & Heartworm Preventative

Your concierge membership includes a full 12 months of flea & tick preventative, and it also includes a full 12 months of heartworm preventative. A common myth is that indoor dogs don't require the latter, but all it takes is for a single mosquito to sneak into your home & bite your pup to transmit heartworm disease.

This can lead to shortness of breath, significant organ damage, heart failure, or even death. 

All Core Vaccinations

This membership includes all basic vaccines including Rabies, Hepatitis, Parvo, Distemper, Parainfulenza, Lepto, Bordetella, etc.

This also includes a complimentary Vaccine Exam with the Vaccine Administration.

Complete Blood Count, Comprehensive Blood Parasite Panel, & Blood Chemistry Panel

We'll do extensive routine blood panel testing screening for Early Detection of many Diseases including Diabetes, Heartworm, Kidney Impairment, Liver Damage, Pancreatitis, Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, & more.

Thyroid Screening

Screening for Hypothyroidism; (underactive thyroid that can lead to skin issues, weight issues, respiratory challenges, etc.)

Comprehensive Fecal Diagnostic Panel & Urinalysis

Comprehensive fecal testing that looks for internal parasites: hookworms, roundworms, whipworms & more. Urinalysis checks for UTIs, early kidney problems, early diabetes and more.

Dental Benefits


Bi-Annual Dental Cleanings

Just as with humans, without regular dental cleanings, your best friend(s) are susceptible to bad breath, tartar build-up, or even periodontal disease. The latter can lead to all sorts of nasty issues including organ failure which is why the American Animal Hospital Association recommends that both dogs & cats have dental cleanings once every 6 months.

This comprehensive, anesthetized dental cleaning includes scaling & polishing under the gum line as well.  That means that we'll stop the spread of plaque & bacteria before it gets far enough to do any damage. Because we care about your pets just as much as you do, we also include complimentary Cold Laser Therapy after the cleaning in order to reduce post-procedure inflammation & soreness. As an additional complimentary service, we also trim their toenails while they're asleep.

Concierge Member patients enjoy the inclusion of up to two of these full dental cleanings per year.

Convenience & Concierge Service


Complimentary Food & Medicine Deliveries

Need a RX refilled? Tired of  carrying a bag of food to your car? Let us help!

We'll get you on a regular schedule & drive your order right out to your home. You don't need to worry about forgetting your buddy's meds ever again! You don't need to be home either. We can simply bring it to your door. This amenity is complimentary for all Concierge Members within 5 miles of our practice or within select nearby communities. Live further? Don't worry, there's just a small delivery fee of  $9.95 per home delivery.

Premium Drop-Off Service with Carside Intake

Have an appointment  at the hospital, but prefer not to walk the dog in? Just give us a call upon arriving & we'll have one of our technicians come out to greet you at your vehicle & walk them inside. You can either come in as well or you can simply drop them off for their grooming, 90- Minute Spa Day, or medical appointment without ever needing to come into the practice.

For an exam, you can just cite your concerns/questions on the intake form online or we can simply have the Doctor Skype you from the exam room while you're enjoying your day elsewhere.

Access to Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Does your pet have an appointment with a specialist at another clinic? Let us transport them for you. You don't need to worry about anything. We can drop them off & pick them up for you. This service is discounted for Concierge Members. 

Complimentary Pick-Up & Drop-Off Service

Sometimes, it's easier to not have to pack the dog up, drive to the hospital, sit in on the appointment, & then pack them back up for the ride home. Because of this, our Concierge Members enjoy complimentary Pick-Up/Drop-Off service within our Transport Area.

If you choose to take advantage of this service, we'll come out to your home, pick up your best friend(s), & give them a ride to our place for their appointment. Afterward, we'll bring them right back home to you. If you'd like, you can even Skype with the doctor during your Consultation window if you have any additional questions or concerns beyond what you tell us when making the appointment. 

Concierge Members can use this service for any scheduled non-emergency appointment including medical exams, surgeries, procedures, or Salon & Spa appointments.

Access to In-Home Care

We understand that certain daily or monthly medical needs like administering medication, changing bandages, giving injections, or giving pills can be tough for some animals or troublesome for some clients.

We now offer these services in your home, rendered by our Mobile Veterinary Technician. This service (when necessary) is complimentary with our Premium Pet Sitting Service. This service is discounted for Concierge Members.

Salon & Spa


90-Minute Spa Days

· By Appointment

· Expedited Intake/Drop-off

· Luxurious, Sudsy Bath by a Certified Pet Spa Technician

· Soothing Mani/Pedi

· Glands Expressed by our Certified Pet Spa Technician

· Ears Cleaned

· Scented Refresher 

· Blow-out & Primp

· Teeth carefully brushed and made minty fresh

· Expected pickup within 45-90 minutes of your appointment's start time 

Complete Grooming by a Certified Master Groomer

This service includes the entire 90-Minute Spa Day, as well as a cut & style to breed standard or tailored to your personal specifications with our Certified Master Groomer. This service is by appointment only.  Concierge Members enjoy their choice of 1 complimentary Grooming Service per year or 2 complimentary 90-Minute Spa Days per year.

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