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Just like their humans, our beloved pets need to be cared for & maintained in order to both look & feel their best. That's why we offer Ibis Animal Spa services.

At the Ibis Animal Spa, your pet can be treated to care from our Certified Pet Spa Technicians & Certified Master Groomers. You can also enjoy the convenience of Complimentary Expedited Car-Side Intake. Simply fill in the Spa Intake Form here and give it to the Ibis Animal Spa Team Member when we collect your pet(s) from your vehicle.

Another option is our Pick-Up & Drop-Off Service. For this service, one of our Team Members will drive to your home, pick up your pet, and safely drive them to the Spa. After their appointment, the Team Member will bring them right back home so you can see their smiling face.

If you choose our Pick-Up & Drop-Off Service, please be sure to fill out the Spa Intake Form here and give it to the Ibis Animal Spa Team Member when we collect your pet(s) from your home.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to call us anytime at 561.625.6970.

What is a Certified Pet Spa Technician?

You’re particular about the quality of care that your pet receives & so are we. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring that we choose the absolute finest team members & give them thorough training on exactly how to provide high quality spa services to your pet.

To earn this certification, they learn how to correctly bathe a dog, lift it into & out of the bathing tub, be mindful of any back or hip pain that a senior dog may have, how to choose bathing products for various coats and possible skin conditions, how to properly trim nails, how to clean your pets ears, and more.

Our specially trained CPST’s also learn how to correctly express glands, how to hand dry & style, and how to brush your pets teeth properly.

Ibis Animal Hospital CPST’s recieve formal training from our Medical Director; Dr. Felz, & spend time apprenticing directly with a Certified Master Groomer.

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