New Puppy Packages


A Puppy Package?

Is a New Puppy Package right for you?

You just got the most adorable little fluff ball & you want to make sure he's healthy & safe. What's the first thing he needs? Which shots should he have? Which tests should be run right now? How do you ensure he stays happy, healthy, and full of energy?

Our New Puppy Package takes all the questions out of puppy ownership. We've grouped together everything needed & made sure it's the best price possible and he receives the highest level of care & preventative medicine. This package includes up to 4 visits; depending on your puppy's needs, one stool check for parasites, routine de-worming, all core vaccinations including Rabies Vaccination when he is old enough. It even includes your babies first month of heartworm prevention and flea & tick control.

We even have a few optional package upgrades available at a discount including implanting a microchip, spaying or neutering and puppy training.

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Look into our Concierge Membership!

 You'll still need your New Puppy Package to cover puppy specific needs, but after that, you'll want a high level of ongoing, preventative care.

 We also include plenty of convenience related value. Do yourself a favor and learn more below:

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What Does it Include?

Up to 4 Periodic Examinations

Your initial examinations are spaced 3-4 weeks as needed. The amount of exams will depend on age, any previous vaccinations, breed, and more, so this is truly tailored to your puppy.


This package includes several vaccinations for risks & issues like Bordetella, Rabies, Distemper, Hepatitis, Adenovirus, Parvovirus, & more.

Fecal Testing

We'll check for giarida, as well as hookworm, roundworm, whipworm eggs, & more. Let's check this early and make sure that they don't progress into significant issues.


Even if we don't find eggs, there can certainly still be parasites present in your pup. Because we care, we go ahead and give your puppy a routine de-worming on at least 2 visits.

Scan for a Chip

Did you buy your pup from a breeder, private owner, or rescued from a shelter? We'll scan for a microchip & let you know if they already have one.

Discounted Package Upgrades



 If your dog is ever lost or stolen, this is their way back home. Weather phenomena, like hurricanes, can make placement of a microchip invaluable. We'll implant a chip & register it for you for just $49. 

Basic Obedience Training

We'll have one of our professional dog trainers come out to your home for 3-5 private sessions & help you establish basic commands like "Sit", "Come", "Stay", walking properly on a leash, and more. We offer packages starting at just $295.

Heartworm, Flea, & Tick Preventatives

Heartworm disease can cause respiratory hardships, heart disease, and other very serious issues, including death. Fleas & ticks are nothing to sneeze at either. You certainly don't want them infesting your home and they can also carry deadly diseases. Don't believe the myth; an inside pet is also at risk. A single mosquito sneaking into your home and biting your pup can transfer heartworms. Some of our preventatives actually act as a mosquito repellent too. Let's keep your baby safe & healthy! When you come in for your exam, ask which preventatives are best for you. Prices vary on product & your pets weight.