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Services Provided by Our Veterinary Team in West Palm Beach

At Ibis Animal Hospital, our West Palm Beach veterinary team believes that quality pet care involves vet, pet, and pet parent! We treat dogs, cats, reptiles, pocket pets, birds, rabbits, and reptiles - all sorts of lovely animals whom we call family. We provide many services which include:

Husky dog getting a general wellness exam at Ibis Animal Hospital.

Pet Wellness Examinations

Pet wellness exams allow us to ensure your pet's health needs are being met throughout life. We screen for common diseases, monitor weight, provide parasite prevention medications, ensure prescriptions are up-to-date and answer any questions you may have.

Puppy and Kitten Care

When animals are young, their immune systems aren't fully developed, making them susceptible to disease and illness. We provide a variety of vaccinations at specific times in your puppy's or kitty's life to help him/her stay healthy. We also offer tips and resources on important topics like nutrition, socialization, and obedience training.

Senior Pet Care

Since a pet's health status can change more rapidly with age, we recommend bringing your senior cat or dog in to see us at least twice per year. We'll monitor and manage common age-related conditions and, when the time comes, help you navigate the difficult process involved with humane end-of-life decision-making. 

Pet Surgery

Pets may need surgery for a variety of conditions, including pregnancy, cancer and soft tissue injuries. Our vet surgery team is highly experienced and compassionate, and will keep you informed through every step of the procedure. 

Pet Dental Care

Proper pet dental health improves your animal's life span and quality of life. Our vet team provides high quality pet dental examinations and cleanings to ensure your pet's teeth and gums are in good shape. 

Emergency Pet Care

Emergencies are rare, but can and do happen. Get fast, effective, and experienced care in your time of urgent need with our experienced vet staff. 

Diagnostics and Pharmacy

We use blood work, imaging technology, and other services to optimize the level of care afforded to your pet. We make it convenient by providing these services in-house. 

Bathing and Grooming 

A clean pet is a happy pet! Let our experienced grooming staff make your pet's natural appeal shine and keep its skin, coat, nails, and hair healthy!

House Calls

We don't let difficulties with getting to the vet become a barrier to care! Ask us about our house call visits, which is perfect for elderly pet parents and others for whom transportation may be a difficulty. 

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