The Novel Coronavirus has impacted all of us significantly in our day to day lives, but here at Ibis Animal Hospital we have taken steps to ensure that your pet(s) continue getting the best care possible.

In addition to the excellent standards for cleanliness that we've always upheld, we've made changes in order to keep our clients, their pets & our staff as safe as possible. 

We're disinfecting all hard surfaces including door knobs, phones, counter tops, clipboards and more frequently throughout the day.  We are having clients use pens once and then disinfecting. We are utilizing car side drop off and pick up of patients.  Our lobby is closed & we are limiting access to do our part in social distancing. We are adapting & offering alternate solutions whenever possible. 

Between each patient, our exam rooms are also thoroughly cleaned & disinfected using hospital-grade cleaners. Hand sanitizer is available at the front desk for everyone’s use. Please do not be offended if we do not shake hands or hug.


A Word from our Hospital Manager:

Many of the convenience based services that we have been offering are becoming "must-have" in today's challenging times.

Some of these services include: Home Delivery of Pet Food & Medications, House Call Visits, Patient Transport/Pet Taxi services, In-Home Humane Euthanasia, Free Curbside Pick Up and Drop-Off. Remote options include 

video consults via TeleVet, & much more.

Take a moment to review our available services below. 


Need an Appointment? Take a Moment to Read the Available Options Below:

Need an Appointment?


House Calls

Home Delivery of Food & Medications

Curbside Drop-Off & Pick Up

We understand that it can sometimes be a real challenge to get Fido & Fluffy to the vet, so let us come to you.

A House Call can be arranged for a new pet check up, an annual visit, wellness lab work, sick pet evaluation, or nearly anything else. We can upgrade almost any appointment to a house call. Please call us at (561) 625-6970 for pricing and more information.


Curbside Drop-Off & Pick Up

Home Delivery of Food & Medications

Curbside Drop-Off & Pick Up

You don't even need to come inside. Call us from your car upon arrival & let us know that you're here.

We'll come meet you at the curb, retrieve your pet(s) from the car, & bring them inside for you.

Once evaluated, we will call to discuss the doctor's findings & treatment plan. As soon as Fido & Fluffy are ready, just pull up to the curb, give us a call, & we'll bring them right out to you. 

Easy Peasy!


Home Delivery of Food & Medications

Home Delivery of Food & Medications

Home Delivery of Food & Medications

You'll never have to worry that you forgot your pet's food or medication again.

 We'll drive it directly to your home on a regular recurring basis or you can choose one time delivery. The choice is yours.

Home Delivery is completely free within 5 miles or to select neighborhoods.

Give us a call at 561.625.6970 to get started.


Telemedicine via TeleVet

Pet Taxi & Patient Transport

Home Delivery of Food & Medications

Telemedicine consultations can be done from the comfort of your own home or from around the globe. It's all done via your phone or computer.  Just call us & we'll send you a link to get started.

All you'll need is to download the free TeleVet App, create an account, & you're done.

This service is only available for existing clients with a valid Doctor-Client-Relationship & for select appointment types. 

Common uses: pre-screening/triage (to see if  the issue warrants a doctor visit), select rechecks & follow-ups, nutritional consults, behavioral consults,  select skin problems.


Pet Taxi & Patient Transport

Pet Taxi & Patient Transport

Pet Taxi & Patient Transport

Let's face it- sometimes, it's just easier to have someone do it for you. We'll drive to your house, pick up your pet(s) & drive them back to the hospital for their annual visit, check-up, grooming appointment, or anything else they may need.

If appropriate, we'll give you a call to ask any pertinent questions & discuss treatment options.

After their visit, we'll bring them right back home. 

Please call us at (561) 625-6970 for pricing and more information.


In-Hospital Appointments

Pet Taxi & Patient Transport

Pet Taxi & Patient Transport

In some cases, a traditional appointment is necessary.  Pets that are limping, having difficulty breathing, or that are in need of X-rays are some examples.

If you are going to accompany your pet into the clinic, please note that we must limit visitors to ONE person in order to help us maintain current social distancing recommendations.

We clean & disinfect regularly throughout the day & between each client visit. As always, each exam room is cleaned with hospital grade cleaners after each & every appointment.

It is imperative that you let us know BEFORE entering if you have a fever, flu-like symptoms, you've traveled internationally or been aboard a cruise ship in the past 14 days. We also ask that you disclose if any household member has exhibited symptoms or traveled as well. If needed, we'll be able to take additional steps to protect the health of our staff, patients & clients.

Call us from the car as you arrive in the plaza at your appointment time. We ask that you wait patiently in the comfort of your own vehicle until we inform you it's time to come in.

Then, we'll bring you directly into the exam room & get started. 

Note: Availability of this service may be reduced until further notice.  We have 5 other options that enable us to continue caring for all of your pets needs.